Mineo Hata: An Instinctive Eye

Mineo Hata: An Instinctive Eye

Sale Overview

Mineo Hata: An Instinctive Eye features twenty-seven superb archaic bronzes and ceramics from the important Japanese dealer and collector Mineo Hata. Inspired by the art critic and philosopher Yanagi Sōetsu, Mr. Hata has been guided by the principle that the true beauty inherent in a work of quality relies not on a viewer’s academic understanding or background knowledge, but is instead self-evident and ascertainable through observation. He has helped place masterpiece-level works with artistic institutions and private collectors alike, and has wielded a powerful paddle at international auctions. The sale is headlined by a magnificent and important large Longquan celadon kinuta vase from the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279), estimated at $700,000-1,000,000. Additional highlights include a rare iron-red-enameled and green-glazed double gourd vase, Jiajing mark and period (1522-1566) and a very rare large bronze ritual wine vessel, jue, which was formerly in the collection of the famed bronze collector and scholar Cao Zaikui (1782-1852) and recorded in his 1839 publication, Huaimi Shanfang Jijin tu (The Records of Auspicious Bronzes in the Huaimi Shanfang Studio).

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