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Untitled Escape Collage

Untitled Escape Collage
ceramic tile, mirror tile, branded red oak flooring, vinyl, spray enamel, oilstick, black soap and wax
94 x 72 in. (246.4 x 185.4 cm.)
Executed in 2021.
Vito Schnabel Gallery, New York
Private collection, Florida
Acquired from the above by the present owner
Please note the correct dimensions for this work are 94 x 72 in. (246.4 x 185.4 cm.).


Allison Immergut
Allison Immergut Associate Vice President, Specialist, Co-Head of Day Sale




The hypnotic and hyperactive surface of Untitled Escape Collage is captivating example of Rashid Johnson’s artistic practice. Executed in 2021, Untitled Escape Collage is characterized, like Johnson’s oeuvre, by the dynamic interplay of imagery and materials. Here, Johnson sets the scene with a lush, tropical background. Images of palm trees and indigenous masks are then layered atop the mossy surface, creating a kaleidoscope effect amongst the materials and their respective subjects. Untitled Escape Collage creates “an Edenic mood. Sort of… The work [is] completed (or elegantly defaced) with spray paint, scratchy daubs of black soap and big, velvety pours of the melted soap mixture” (R. Smith, “In ‘Fly Away,’ Rashid Johnson Keeps the Focus on Race,” New York Times, September 15, 2016). His use of materials like ceramic tile and wax not only adds a unique tactile quality to his art but also imbues it with layers of symbolism and cultural references. In doing so, Johnson bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary art, making him a pivotal artist in the ongoing dialogue of art’s role in reflecting and influencing society.

Johnson’s exploration of themes related to race, identity, and cultural heritage set him apart as an artist with a powerful and socially relevant message. Untitled Escape Collage serves as a testament to his ability to weave profound narratives, and provoke critical discussions within the realm of contemporary art. Through layers of symbolism and juxtaposition the present lot hits at the desire for liberation and escape. Johnson noted, “one of [his] goals is to create contradictory opportunities for exploration and the explosive agency born from those conjured collisions” (R. Johnson quoted M. Rooks, “Rashid Johnson: Creating Agency Through Collision,” Ocula, May 18, 2021).

Johnson’s emergence onto the art scene was marked by a distinctive and multidisciplinary approach that quickly garnered attention and acclaim. He gained recognition in the early 2000s for his groundbreaking work that included a unique blend of creativity and concept, which swiftly propelled him into the forefront of contemporary art. The artist’s “work is in many ways Conceptual, but conveyed by a strong material intelligence in any medium” (R. Smith, “In ‘Fly Away,’ Rashid Johnson Keeps the Focus on Race,” New York Times, September 15, 2016). Due to his innovative and though-provoking contributions to the art world, Johnson holds a significant place in contemporary art history. He has emerged as a prominent figure within the post-conceptual art movement, known for his ability to merge various media and explore complex sociocultural and political themes in his work. His works have been featured in prestigious exhibitions and collections worldwide, solidifying his place in the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art.

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