Anju Dodiya (b. 1964)
Anju Dodiya (b. 1964)

The Churning

Anju Dodiya (b. 1964)
The Churning
signed, inscribed, titled and dated 'Anju Dodiya 2005 Acrylic on Fabric 72 x 45 Title: The Churning Anju' (on the reverse)
acrylic on fabric pasted on board
72 x 45 1/8 in. (182.8 x 114.5 cm.)
Executed in 2005
Angkor; the silent centuries, Exhibition Catalogue, Bodhi Art, New Delhi, 2005, p. 29, illustrated
New Delhi, Singapore, Angkor; the silent centuries, Bodhi Art, April - June, 2005


This painting was shown in 2005 at a group exhibition 'Angkor - The Silent Centuries', held at Bodhi Art, New Delhi and Singapore. At the time I was interested in making paintings on fabric using the texture as a sensuous ground for thick, dry, acrylic paint. Having just returned from the wonders of Angkor Wat, the image refers to the fabulous rendering seen on a bas-relief in the temple of the Gods' churning the oceans. Part of the experience of contemporary life in Cambodia was to see the numerous smiling children hawking things on the street. One couldn't help but think of the terrible upheaval their lives must have gone through, considering Cambodia's violent past. When all this came together in my studio however, the painting reminded me of European medieval woodcuts which I have always enjoyed looking at.
Anju Dodiya (in dialogue with the artist)