POL CHAMBOST (1906-1983)
POL CHAMBOST (1906-1983)


POL CHAMBOST (1906-1983)
A Glazed Ceramic Pitcher, 1950s
11 in. (17.9 cm.) high
incised 2000 Poterie Pol Chambost Made in France MG


Pol Chambost came from a family of artists: his father was a sculptor and his mother a painter. He originally trained as a sculptor, receiving a degree from the Ecole Bernard Palissy (latter the Ecole des Arts Appliqués). He ultimately developed a passion for clay and, drawing on his sculptural background, was self taught. After World War II Chambost set up his studio in Ivry sur Seine, on the outskirts of Paris where he worked until 1964 when he moved to Dordogne. While he worked in a variety of styles, crediting numerous sources of influence (among others the 16th Century French potter Bernard Palissy, George Braque and Chinese porcelain), it is for the pure, monochrome pieces that he is best known. While some pieces, vases, bowls, bottles and jars, were created in well proportioned, traditional forms made from porcelain, other are more organic and sculptural ceramic or earthenware pieces, such as the one offered here.

cf. Pol Chambost, Paris, 2006, pp. 51 and 65 for comparable pieces; p. 143 for another pitcher of this model in a different color scheme.