The Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation

The Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation

Zurich, Switzerland – May 2022

Dedicated to improving the lives of young people.

The Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation, established in 2021, is dedicated to improving the lives of children all over the world. The Foundation supports organizations and institutions which provide healthcare and educational programs, helping underprivileged young people and those with specific needs to enhance their wellbeing and personal living conditions.

Based in Zurich, the Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation primarily cooperates with professionally recognized partners that are strategically aligned to its specific funding areas, such as medical research, health care and access to education. In this spirit and to create high impact, the Foundation proactively approaches potential partners rather than accepting individual applications for financial support.

The Thomas and Doris Ammann Foundation’s assets originate predominantly from the sale of a superior art collection that the Swiss siblings had accumulated over decades - as internationally respected gallerists, passionate art collectors as well as personal friends of renowned artists, especially in Europe and the East and West Coast of the United States. After Thomas’ early death in 1993, his sister Doris took over the ‘Thomas Ammann Fine Art’ gallery, leading it with the same magnificent success. When Doris passed away in 2021, she stipulated in her will that the gallery's art collection be transferred to a foundation and successively dissolved for the benefit of children in need.