A hundred years of art in Israel

A selection of important art from The Phoenix Group Collection

  • Event date 2月23日 - 3月1日
  • Event location 纽约

The Phoenix Group’s collection of Israeli art, comprised of nearly 1,400 works, is one of the finest and most comprehensive in its field. This treasury of artworks has played a major role in the construction and preservation of the Israeli artistic canon and has earned its place alongside the collections of the country’s leading museums.

A Hundred Years of Art in Israel: A Selection of Important Art from the Phoenix Group Collection displays a large swath of this impressive collection for the first time in New York. Rather than a traditional chronological presentation, the exhibition groups works by artists of different generations thematically, thus weaving together periods, movements, ideologies and media in a holistic representation of a richly varied art history.

Explore the exhibition beginning 23 February* at the Rockefeller Center galleries in New York.

A hundred Years of Art in Israel
A hundred Years of Art in Israel
Reuven Rubin (1893-1974), Olive Trees in the Galilee, 1924

About The Phoenix Group Collection

The Phoenix Group’s treasury of artwork has played a major role in the construction and preservation of the Israeli artistic canon and has earned its place alongside the collections of Israel’s leading museums.

Established in the early 1980s at the instigation of Joseph Hackmey, the owner and CEO of the Phoenix up to 2002, the collection chronicles the significant pinnacles and shifts of Israeli art from its inception to today. The collection includes a large number of key works by many of Israel’s leading twentieth century artists, making it possible to track their development throughout their careers. Large parts of the collection have featured in exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (1998) and the Ashdod Art Museum (2006). It has not been comprehensively displayed since then, but individual works have been on loan to various venues, including the permanent exhibition of Israeli art at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Phoenix Group, it was decided to hold several extensive exhibitions from the collection; thus in 2023 a wide selection from the collection was presented at the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art.


New York Christie's Saleroom

New York

20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

23 February*, 10am – 5pm
24 February, 10am – 5pm
25 February, 1pm – 5pm
26 February, 10am – 5pm
27 February, 10am – 5pm
28 February, 10am – 5pm
29 February, 10am – 5pm
1 March, 10am – 5pm

*23 February is by appointment only; please contact info@christies.com or +1 212 636 2000.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.

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Mordechai Ardon (1896-1992), View of the Wall, c. 1970
Avigdor Arikha (1929-2010), A Pause at the Easel, 1990