• Event date 17 July - 22 August
  • Event location London

Christie’s is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition, Ahmed Mater: Chronicles — an immersive mid-career retrospective of internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Ahmed Mater, on view from 17 July to 22 August.

This exhibition traces the evolution of Mater's career, from his background in medicine to his role as a prominent cultural voice in the Middle East. It examines his art's reckoning with the rapidly changing social and cultural landscapes across the Arab World, showcasing Mater’s artistic debuts and his thematic focus on the human body, globalisation, Islamic artistic heritage and faith. Through painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation, visitors are invited to journey through Mater's artistic response to Saudi Arabia's transforming identity.

The exhibition highlights the major milestones of Mater's career, from unseen early abstract paintings, to the celebrated Illumination series as well as pivotal works from the Desert of Pharan project. The artist’s site-specific commission for Wadi al-Fann, Al-Ula will take centre stage with a maquette of Ashab al-Lal, alongside new works such as Magnetism Book, which will make its public debut.

Ahmed Mater: Chronicles
, is the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the artist to date, bringing together different stages of the artist's career and revealing his unique path as a chronicler of his homeland's materiality and spirituality.


It is an extraordinary honour to present an immersive odyssey into Ahmed Mater’s visionary career, revealed as the first-ever mid-career retrospective dedicated to this iconic artist of the Middle East. Mater’s captivating journey invites us to reexamine urban landscapes, unearth hidden histories, envision potential futures and ponder profound beliefs. His artistic responses to the swift transformations within Saudi Arabia’s complex social and cultural context invite us to discover fascinating narratives of an evolving land.
—Dr. Ridha Moumni


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17 July – 22 August 2024
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With thanks

Christie’s and Ahmed Mater would like to thank The Visual Arts Commission, Saudi Arabia for their support of the exhibition publication.

Christie’s and Ahmed Mater would also like to thank Wadi AlFann, Valley of the Arts, AlUla for their contribution to this exhibition.

With thanks to Hayat Shobokshi for their support to this exhibition.

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Ahmed Mater


Ahmed Mater

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